United Kingdom

Gelato Festival, together with Carpigiani and SIGEP - Italian Exhibition Group, promote the "GELATO FESTIVAL CHALLENGE" in United Kingdom, a series of gelato competitions that will end in 2021 with the selection of the best 36 gelato artisans who will compete in the World Final of GELATO FESTIVAL WORLD MASTERS.
The competitions will be organized with the collaboration of the Carpigiani branches, distributors and dealers throughout the world.

In this section you will find information and regulations concerning the selection of the 2 gelato artisans who will represent the United Kingdom in the World Final of GELATO FESTIVAL WORLD MASTERS.

How to participate:

- Check out the Calendar;

- Download and read the Rules;

- Download the Sign up Form and send it to the Branch/distributor/dealer organizing the Challenge

Important! A Gelato shop (or venue that produces artisanal gelato) can enter only one Challenge during the same calendar year.

On the day of the challenge, the registered Gelato artisan will batch freeze his/her pre-prepared pasteurized mix (minimum 5 liters) to produce his/her “signature flavor” in sufficient quantity to fill a tray (size 360x165x h120 mm or 360x250x h80 mm) for the display case evaluation and a 1-liter polystyrene container for tasting.
The Organizers make available to each Gelato artisan the trays suitable for presenting the gelato for the challenge. The mix must be frozen directly by the Gelato artisan in the space prepared by the Carpigiani Distributor for the challenge.
The preparation of the mix - pasteurization included - is done by the Gelato artisan on his/her own premises before the challenge.

The Competition Committee marks each tray with a unique number and they are then stored in a freezer at -14°C, to then be assessed by the Judges at about 4 pm on the day of the challenge.
The Judges are industry professionals selected by the Competition Committee.
The Competition Committee does not participate in the judging but supervises their work.

For each flavor the Judges assign a value between 0 (minimum) and 100 (maximum) based on the following parameters:
a. Taste - 0 (minimum) to 40 (maximum), representing 40% of the final score.
b. Structure - 0 (minimum) to 20 (maximum), representing 20% of the final score.
c. Presentation in the tray - 0 (minimum) to 20 (maximum), representing 20% of the final score.
d. Creativity - 0 (minimum) to 20 (maximum), representing 20% of the final score.