Carpigiani and SIGEP - Italian Exhibition Group promote the "CARPIGIANI CHALLENGE" in Switzerland, a series of gelato competitions that are part of the 2022-2025 Gelato Festival World Masters championship.
The next competition in Switzerland is scheduled for November 19, 2023 at Igeho - Internationale Fachmesse in Basel.

How does a Carpigiani Challenge work?

1 - During the competition day, the gelato artisan brings his/her own already-pasteurized mix (minimum 6 liters) ready to batch freeze in the production area made available by the Carpigiani Distributor, where each gelato maker will use a Carpigiani machine.
2 - Each participans has to fill and decorate a tray for the display case and prepare a polystyrene container for the judges.
3 - After all gelato makers have prepared their flavor, the jury tastes and evaluates them.
4 - The judges evaluate each flavor following these parameters:
a.    Taste - 40% of the final score
b.    Structure - 30% of the final score
c.    Creativity - 20% of the final score
d.    Verbal and aesthetic presentation (in the display case) - 10% of the final score
5 - The awards ceremony takes place in the afternoon when the winning flavors are announced.

How to send your application?
Send it to PITEC AG
E. info@pitec.ch
+4171 763 81 11