Central and South America

This page is dedicated to the Gelato Festival Challenges taking place in Central and South America.
Esta página está dedicada a los desafíos del Gelato Festival Challenge que tienen lugar en América Central y del Sur.
Esta página é dedicada aos Desafios do Gelato Festival Challenge que ocorrem nas Américas Central e do Sul.

Carpigiani and SIGEP - Italian Exhibition Group promote the "GELATO FESTIVAL CHALLENGE" in Central and South America, a series of gelato competitions that will end in 2021 with the selection of 36 gelato artisans who will compete in the WORLD MASTERS. The competitions will be organized with the help of Carpigiani's distributors and dealers in their headquarters or during events and exhibitions in their country. 

In this area you'll find the "Rest of Central and South America" competitions that take place over the course of one day with the selection of 2 winning competitors who will qualify for the WORLD MASTERS of 2021.

How to apply:

- Check out the calendar;
- Choose a Country, a Challenge and download and read the Rules;
- Download and Sign up the form;
- Send the form to the Carpigiani's branch, dealer or distributor organizing the challenge;
- Wait for the confirmation.

How it works:

1 - During the day the gelato artisan brings his/her own pasteurized mix (minimum 5 liters) to freeze in the production area made available by the Carpigiani Distributor.
2 - In the 30 minutes available the gelato artisan fills a metal tray for the display case and a polystyrene container for the judges.
3 - At the end of the afternoon the trays are submitted to the judges, who are local journalists and chefs.
4 - The judges start their assessments at 4 pm, based on the following parameters:
a.    Taste - 40% of the final score
b.    Creativity - 20% of the final score
c.    Structure - 20% of the final score
d.    Presentation (in the display case) - 20% of the final score
5 - The awards ceremony takes place at 6 pm, and the presence of gelato artisans with their friends and family is encouraged.

These are the confirmed Challenges for 2019:


  • 10 e 11 abril 2019, Carpigiani do Brasil
  • 15 maio 2019, Carpigiani do Brasil